Black Beard


September 2019 - January 2020


Motion Brand Identity


Lennart Kramp


“Black Beard” is a more motion focused project of mine. It was an university project in the third semester. Every student got a different fictional brand to develop a visual identity to. In my case “Black Beard” is an fictional underground label that is unconventional and focusses on Hip Hop music.



After I got the briefing I started out by defining the look and feel of the fictional brand. Moodboards and collections of best practices helped to define the look more and more. In my case I decided to combine 3D and 2D animation in this short identity film.


In the production process I learned a lot of new things especially about 3D modelling, animation and rendering. I decided to develop a corporate identity and animate it throughout the film to showcase the different brand elements and the attention to detail in my design process.


Because of my well planned milestones I managed to have enough time in the end to tweak small details and finalize the brand film. The 3D Rendering took a lot of time but came out great.

Final Product