Bolivia Zine


January 2023


Editorial Design, Photography


Lennart Kramp


Following my bachelor thesis, I wanted to travel again for a while. Together with my girlfriend I went to Bolivia in South America for 5 weeks. During this trip I took a lot of pictures, which I used for the editorial design of a zine.


Cover Design

The actual title of the zine is only fully legible when unfolded. Interactivity with the product is therefore called for; you have to touch it, read it. In the closed state, the bleed of the typography nevertheless reveals that there is something to discover on the other side.

Layout principles

The entire layout of the content pages is based on a simple grid. Divided into eight columns per page, layout elements such as text and images can be arranged flexibly and played with contrasts.


The zine is bound by a ring binding. However, this is not continuous from top to bottom, but divided into three sections in order to save material and not to appear too cluttered visually.

Layout Variations